Your Barristers is a network of Direct Access Barristers duly authorised to accept direct instructions from members of the public and businesses. This allows for a streamlined and direct engagement process, eliminating the need for intermediaries like solicitors.

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Why do I need a Direct Access Barrister?

A Direct Access Barrister is a barrister who has undergone specific training and received authorisation to be directly instructed by clients without the need for a solicitor. This arrangement allows individuals, businesses, or organisations to seek legal advice and representation from a barrister directly, bypassing the traditional route of hiring a solicitor first.
Direct Access Barristers specialise in specific areas of law, allowing them to offer various legal services, including providing legal advice, drafting legal documents, and representing clients in court. This approach provides clients with more direct control over their cases and can potentially result in cost savings by eliminating the need for a solicitor’s services.
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