Nazar Mohammad

Nazar Mohammad
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Nazar is a barrister with a diverse practice spanning civil, commercial, family, and immigration law. His expertise is particularly pronounced in handling complex commercial disputes and financial remedy proceedings involving assets across multiple jurisdictions, including offshore trusts. Additionally, his early experience in immigration law adds another layer of depth to his legal acumen.

In conferences, Nazar is esteemed for his patient demeanour, extensive knowledge, and practical advice. Clients and peers alike commend his ability to provide accurate, pragmatic, and commercially sensible guidance. He is known for his fearless advocacy in court, characterized by a cogent, eloquent, and persuasive style. Nazar’s clients appreciate his down-to-earth approach and his adeptness in communicating with a diverse range of clients. They also laud his tenacity in litigation, noting his ability to determine optimal solutions and develop detailed strategies to advance their goals effectively.

One distinguishing aspect of Nazar’s practice is his hands-on approach to litigation. He personally conducts litigation and attends hearings for most of his clients, bypassing the involvement of solicitors. This allows him to maintain a firm grasp of all crucial details and ensures that he fully understands his clients’ needs throughout the case. Moreover, this approach often leads to substantial reductions in legal costs, demonstrating Nazar’s commitment to providing efficient and cost-effective legal representation.

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